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Heinrich Lefler, Jugendstil Artist

Heinrich Lefler (1863-1919) was a celebrated Austrian artist and graphic designer who became a leader in the Viennese Secession Movement. Lefler was formerly trained in Vienna and later in Munich at the Akademie der Blidenden Kunste between 1880-1884. In 1891, Lefler became a member of the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna and concentrated on commercial art (printmaking), eventually producing Jugendstil posters and illustrations for periodicals and then books.

Lefler is perhaps best known for his collaborative effort with his brother-in-law Joseph Urban, "Kling Klang Gloria," as well as the Osterreichischer Kalender (Vienna) both showing imaginative interpretation of classic themes in the Art Nouveau style. Other works Lefler has produced include: "Mozart" 1924; Die Prinzessin Und Der Schweinehirt" 1897; "Marchen Kalendar (1905); "Rolandsknappen" (1898); "Anderson Kalender" (1912,1921); "Csoda Album" (1911); "Marienkind" (1920).