Catalog 52

We are pleased to present Catalog 52, Spring, 2024. Here you will find a wide assortment of Fine Bindings, British and American Literature, Illustrated Books and much more, from the 17th to early 20th Centuries. 

Please note, unlike other recent catalogs, we have spread out fine bindings throughout the catalog, organized alphabetically based on the bookbinder.

The quickest and most effective way to order is via email, and we fill orders on first come, first served basis. We are glad to speak with you, but availability by phone is not always assured, whereas orders via email are filled based on first contact.


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Sincerely, Edward Nudelman



Catalog 51

Catalog 51 features over 50 fine bindings, most of which are newly acquired, including one of Sarah Prideaux's first bindings, Katherine Adams, Sangorski & Sutcliffe jeweled binding, rare books from early 1600's to 1930's; press books, art nouveau, fine printing, 19th century literature, children's books.

Catalog 50

Catalog 50

50 catalogs in 43 years. This computes to 1.16279 catalogs per year. And to think, we're still hard at it, trying to find fresh and wonderful items for our esteemed customers. Please get a beer, a coffee, lock your office door, or just sit down in front of the TV and take a thorough perusal of Catalog 50. You won't be sorry.