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    263 items. Almost all newly acquired material in the last six months, Catalog 40 proves to be one of our best to date, featuring many fine bindings, important literature from the 16th through 20th Centuries, inscribed copies, autograph letters, and many rare and fine Children's and Illustrated books. We hope you enjoy. Please contact us by email or phone as soon as possible to insure successful orders. Best regards, Edward Nudelman

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  • Catalog 37

    We are excited to be able to offer some truly wonderful items in this catalog, including: Evelyn Waugh's first book, "PRB, An Essay," his own copy, inscribed by Waugh, and passed down through the family through the author's godmother; Christina Rossetti's first book, 1847, "Verses" with numerous test corrections; a host of superb fine bindings including a wonderful Ashendene in stunning binding; a plethora of scarce and fine children's and illustrated books including a special shelf of seven N. C. Wyeth illustrated classics, all inscribed by Wyeth to extendend family members; Press Books, 1890's, fine English and American Literaure, and much, much more.

  • Catalog 36

    Featuring 1890's, Press Books, Belles Lettres, over a hundred scarce ephemera including Kelmscott Press, Vale Press, Eragny Press Specimen Pages, Announcements, Order Forms, Signed, Limited Editiions, Association Copies of important and scarce Turn of the Century titles.

  • Catalog 35

    Featuring almost all new stock, over half not appearing on the internet in many years. Highlights include: over 40 fine bindings from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, an 1867 Zaehnsdorf exhibited at the Paris Exhibition (with whole page inscription by Zaehnsdorf), Sangorski & Sutcliffe with Dickens watercolor portrait, Charles Ricketts vellum binding, superb Guild of Women Binders by Constance Karslake with full-size inlaid vellum doublures; VALE PRESS 10 Copies Printed on Vellum; complete William Morris proof copy of book; lock of William Morris hair; Robert Catterson-Smith proof drawings by Burne-Jones; Burne-Jones "Flower Book"; "Alice and Wonderland" double fore-edge painting; "Tragic Mary" and "Key of Blue" both Large Paper Vellum Bindings; Heinrich Lefler Jugendstil artist original watercolor; Dante Gabriel Rossetti "Ballads and Sonnets," inscribed to Edward Burne-Jones; over 50 autograph letters and manuscripts including Ezra Pound to Helen Rossetti, original prescription for cyanide written for D.G. Rossetti by his doctors; two original Rossetti Library of Congress signed Copyright documents; Hall Caine to Frederic Shields, "Rossetti is very ill,"and much, much more!

  • Catalog 34

    A stellar collection, nearly all new acquisitions from three major collections: fine examples from 1890's, 19th Century English Literature, Fine Bindings, Autograph Letters and Manuscripts, many signed and presentation copies, a fine collection of 19th Century children's books, etc. Highlights include Oscar Wilde's, The Sphinx; a fine collection of Vale Press including Pre-Vale titles, a near-complete Laurence Housman collection featuring Large Paper copies and many inscribed copies, Wiener Werkstatte illustrated classic by Minka Podhajska, superb fine bindings including Sarah Prideaux, Hand-Illumined Browning Sonnets Bound by R. R. Adams, Guild of Women Binders, Doves Binding on Kelmscott Press and Binyon's Dream Come True supebly bound by Donnelley, much more. Over 300 items.

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  • Catalog 33

    Our annual and largest catalog of the year featuring predominately new acquisitions. Perhaps our finest to date, with a large selection of fine bindings (including "The Germ" in a superb Doves Binding), a fine assortment of early juveniles from 1800-1830, Jugendstil (some extremely rare and sought after), some very rare and stunning Morris & Company offerings, Arts & Crafts original art, as well as our usual strong representation in 19th Century British literature and autographs and manuscripts.


    19th Century British Literature, Inscribed and Association Copies, Poetry,The Pre-Raphaelites, Belles Lettres

  • Catalog 31: FINE BINDINGS, Etc.

    Featuring a stellar collection of over sixty fine bindings by English and American bookbinders, uncommon illustrated books, and a varied assortment of 19th Century American and British Literature, Children’s Books, Autograph Letters, and inscribed books.

  • Thirty-Year Anniversary Catalog (Catalog 30)

    Our Thirty-Year Anniversary Catalog featuring some stellar new arrivals: a collection of fine bindings including Chivers, Club Bindery, Cobden-Sanderson student, Guild of Women Binders, Hampstead Bindery, Kelliegram, Raparlier, Ramage, Riviere, Zahensdorf; first American Jane Austen’s in original boards; Burne-Jones’ Flower Book; five original watercolors by illustrator of Dick and Jane; finest copy of first issue Dickens’ Christmas Carol seen in years; fine set of Pooh Books; superb collection of Roycroft Press best, including two in full levant bindings; Bruce Rogers’ Lectern Bible (1/200); Christina Rossetti inscribed and ALS’s by Pre-Raphaelite founders; set of 13 watercolors by William Bell Scott; much, much more.

  • Catalog 29: Art of the Book

    Presenting a fine assortment of new arrivals with some stunning & fine bindings by Katharine Adams, Sarah Prideaux, Club Bindery, Douglas Cockerell, Guild of Women Binders, Hampstead Bindery, Chivers, Ramage, Riviere, Sangorski & Sutcliffe and much more. As well, we are pleased to offer two excessively scarce Jane Austen titles: Mansfield Park, the First American in Original Boards, and Pride and Prejudice, the Second Edition in contemporary boards. You will also find a plethora of manuscripts here, autograph letters, holograph proof edits, association copies and many fine illustrated books.

  • Catalog 28 19th Century English Literature and Poetry

    Catalog 28 features 102 of our rarest examples of 19th Century English Literature and Poetry most of which are new arrivals and material from a couple separate collections.

  • Catalog 27

    Featuring nearly 500 items, many of which have not been on the market for decades, including a large collection of illustrated books containing wrappers and boxes and signed copies. As well, we offer a unique selection of fine bindings, English and American Literature from the 18th to 20th Centuries, 1890's & Art Nouveau, original art, autograph letters, and fine and rare children's books from many continents. Illustrated with over 200 separate color images.

  • Catalog 26

    Highlights include: a fine copy of Mary Shelley's first book in contemporary cloth, inscribed association copies by Pre-Raphaelites including D.G. Rossetti, to Swinburne, Kelmscott Press in Fazakerley binding, Dalziel's Bible Gallery (Burne-Jones, Millais, etc.), original art by Walter Crane and Heinrich Lefler, 1st of Kerckring's 17th Century anatomy classic and two early 18th Century anatomy classics full of folded engraved plates, Jugendstil rarities including Dehmel's Rumpumpel and Der Buntscheck, a nice run of Kerouac firsts including rare ephemera, fabulous association inscriptions by Jessie Willcox Smith, Violet Oakley and E.S. Green, Brandywine artists and much more.

  • Catalog 25: Annual Autumn Catalogue

    Featuring predominantly newly acquired items sure to please. Catalogue 25 contains a wide variety of rare books from a diverse span of history featuring fine bindings and illustrated books, scarce children's books, 19th century literature and one-of-a-kind offerings in many different genres from the 18th to 20th Centuries. We think this is our best to date, so please take some time and enjoy!

  • Catalog 24

    Featuring Birds of America (8vol, 1870, last octavo edition, full morocco); rare and interesting 19th and 20th century children's books including a large group of German children's books from Jugendstil period; English and American literature; 36 original Dick and Jane watercolor paintings; original paintings by various Brandywine illustrators;, Douglas Cockerell binding, Guild of Women Binders; Walter Crane drawings including mockup for First of May, autograph letters, 1890's, Pre-Raphaelites and much much more.

  • Catalog 23: New Arrivals

    200 newly acquired items, first time catalogued from all categories including Children's and Illustrated, Fine Bindings, 1890's Press Books, Pre-Raphaelites and more

  • Catalog 22: Pre-Raphaeilites, 1890's, Victorian Illustration (133 items)

    (Pictured to left: Binding designed by Douglas Cockerell). Offered here is a subset of Catalog 21 featuring Pre-Raphaelite poets and artists, 1890's belles lettres including poetry and illustration, press books of the late 19th century, and Victorian illustration, decorative bindings, poetry and design.

  • Catalog 21: Children's & Illustrated, Literature, Fine Bindings, 1890's & Press Books, Pre-Raphaelites, Original Art (312 items)

    (Pictured to left: illustration by Heinrich Lefler for Marchen Kalendar,1905) Catalog 21 offers a fine assortment of over 300 items featuring many new acquisitions including original artwork, inscribed books, rare and unusual first editions in the following areas: Children's and Illustrated, 19th and 20th Century Literature, Fine Bindings, Press Books, 1890's, Pre-Raphaelites, autograph letters. Of special interest: two watercolors by Jugendstil artist Heinrich Lefler proposed as sequel to famed Kling Klang Gloria; fine copy of "The Germ" (1850), seminal Pre-Raphaelite journal; Decorative Art of Leon Bakst, first edition; Illuminated manuscript by Henry John Stock, English Pre-Raphaelite artist, full book with watercolor paintings; lengthy ALS from R.L. Stevenson to his mother; original Walter Crane mock-up page to "First of May"; first editions by noted German illustrator Ernst Kreidolf, including many in wrappers and one in original slipcase.