Item #2830 [Rossetti, Christina- ALS] Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. Bryant. Christina Rossetti.

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[Rossetti, Christina- ALS] Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. Bryant

Two pages on a halved-section of octavo-sized sheet (8" x 5") with original face of the cover envelope. December 31 [no date], but envelope post-marked 1891. To Mrs. Bryant, the wife of William J. Bryant, of which there are several letters from Christina on record to both William and his wife (esp. Bryn Mawr Special Collections, which has six), all regarding financial misforturnes. William Bryant served as literary secretary for Mackenzie Bell, biographer of Christina Rossetti. A fascinating letter, giving a clear picture of Christina's earnest in helping as well as her resolute and staunch commitment to offer sound advice without further enabling Mrs. Bryant toward failure. "Dear Mrs. Bryant, Your husband writes me a very painful letter. Pray do your very utmost to earn your won livelihood, which would seem not impossible as you have a trade. Or if work absolutely fails could you not try something different- charing or chasing for instance? or at the very worst, why not go into the House till the bitter winter is over? I feel some right to advise you because I have often helped you. Once more I enclose [underlined] 2/0 (P.S.), and I am sending you separately a balnket and one pair of flannel drawers..." She goes on to instruct Mrs. Bryant how to notify her when she has received everything. Signed with a postcript: "With every good wish, Sincererly yours, Christina G. Rossetti. My own helath is causing anxiety just now. Do try to depend upon yourself whilst your Husband is amply cared for- it might seem less difficult." Three folds, very good. A scarce and fascinating look at the heart of Christina, along with her solidarity with women's rights, running against the discourse of the day.

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