6 [Hunt, William Holman- ALS, Seven Pages] Autograph Letter Signed. William Holman Hunt.

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6 [Hunt, William Holman- ALS, Seven Pages] Autograph Letter Signed

7pp. 18 Melbury Road, Kensington. W (embossed stationary). "Jan: 14th-1905." Superb seven page autograph letter from Holman Hunt, principal founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and renown painter to Robert Steele (1860-1944), prominent British scholar and disciple of William Morris. "Dear Mr. Steele, The book, after some 'presentimenti' were duly considered the doings of which took more time than I had expected, has now for four or five days been lodged in the hands of Messrs. Macmillan who must need further time for deliberation... the editor of the Athenaeum was very courteous in lending me permission to make use of matter contained in his journal.. The Pall Mall Gazette Editor has not yet replied.. I have to thank you for your reference for my part in the P.R. B. reform in last week's issue. Mr. Burrow's inaccuracies were according to the current tradition and as he has 'rushed in' he will have to take consequences later- Yours Faithfully- W. Holman Hunt. The book referred to may be, "Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood," published by Macmillan in 1906.

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