Item #5881 [Pre-Raphaelite Poster] Stunning Pre-Raphaelite Style Poster

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[Pre-Raphaelite Poster] Stunning Pre-Raphaelite Style Poster

Offered here is a wonderful, large Pre-Raphaelite poster (artist unsigned) image size measuring 17.5 x 12.5 inches, depicting a gathering of workers in a pastoral setting, two carrying large scythes, one carrying a violin next to a woman dressed in white flowing garment. The poster is after a painting by George Mason entitled, ìThe Harvest Moon,î which was exhibited 1872. The artist was based in Italy where he developed a close friendship with the Italian landscape painter and patriotic revolutionary Giovanni Costa. Together they developed a method which they called ëthe Etruscaní, which involved preparing a picture in monochrome before laying on the final colour. Expertly executed, circa 1900. Near fine.

Price: $850.00   Item #5881