Item #5874 [Rhead, Louis] Superb Autograph Letter Signed to Frank Chouteau Brown. Louis Rhead.

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[Rhead, Louis] Superb Autograph Letter Signed to Frank Chouteau Brown

Ca. 1895. Excellent early letter by Louis John Rhead (1857-1926), renowned English-born American artist, illustrator, and author known especially in the early 1890s, for his expert Rhead poster art, and was heavily influenced by the work of Swiss artist EugËne Grasset. Rhead's letter is to Frank Chouteau Brown, (1876ñ1947), American architect, who was educated at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts, the Boston Art Club, and in Europe. In 1902, he began practice in Boston and from 1907 to 1919, was editor of the Architectural Review periodical. In 1916, he became a member of the faculty of Boston University and in 1919, head of the Department of Art and Architecture. "My dear Sir, If you know how much correspondence I have gotten here and about, you would pardon me not answering before. However, I am willing to loan you some originals. The Boston drawings have been lent to the bones, and school- from there I shall want them back- as there are more drawings not sold, and therefore, prefer to have them by me. I can send on to you the following which represents my latest work, which the Boston Show did not. Two last morning journals, both double sheet, the 4 last "sun" two of which are printed but not yet the big new your Herald print and original- "Winter Tales for Winter Nights in Ba---- syndicate [indecipherable]. These drawings I value at $400. The Herald print must be returned as it is the only print obtainable as the edition was small they used them up before any one could get them. You might be able to get the original portion for my own exhibition and the two "suns" which would make the sun series of six complete, al originals they would have to be got from Mr. Robinson whose address is 35 Witing... [etc]... and also sign the enclosed receipt. yours truly, Louis Rhead." Near fine.

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