[Royal Academy] Mini-Collection of Autograph Letters by Artists and Academecians

Brooks, Shirley (1916-1874), novelist, journalist. 2pp. Cole, Vicar. 2pp. Creswick, Thomas (1811-1869, landscape painter, one of first members of Etching Club. Two ALS, 1840 & 1852. 3 Ω pages. Doo, George, engraver. 1857. 2+ pp. ìÖ the honorable position in which I have been placed by my suffragers, and now of other Royal Academicians is no common privilegeÖî Grant, Francis, 1803-1873, Scottish portrait painter who painted Queen Victoria. 2pp. Jones, Ernest, poet, novelist. 1859, to publishers Bradbury and Evans, 4pp. ìÖbeg to observe that any prose writings of mine command a sale of 5,000 to 6,000 weekly, some of my pamphlet have sold about 100,000 eachÖî Linton, Sir James, 1840-1916, painter and lithographer. Lengthy 4pp letter to Gilchrist, ìÖ there is a strong tendency in the National Gallery not to be exclusively conservers of the finest artÖ we have just finished hanging the Royal InstituteÖî Madan, Falconer. Bodleian Library. 2pp. ìThe Arms of Brasenose College, Oxfordî Dec, 1900. Appears to be a small manuscript for publication. Moodie, Fanny, 1861-1948, British Painter, to Mrs. Crowdy. 2pp. Montalba, Clara. British watercolor painter. 1889, to William Rossiter, declining an invitation to write to the Society, ìI can only help you by filling vacant spaces on our wallsÖî 1 page, mounted. Murray, David, Scottish landscape painter, one page, to Mrs, Redpath. Newboldt, Henry, English poet, novelist. Two letters, 3pp. Olsson, Julius. Artist. 1864-1942.British maritime artist. 2pp. Baron Rhode. Two letters. 4pp. total. Ridgeway, Tobias. Royal Italian Opera. 1871. Holograph document signed and notarized. Shee (Sir Martin Archer), President of the Royal Academy, 3rd person addressed to the Duke of Norfolk. Smith, Richard Horton. Classical literature, Kingís College. 1885. Trent, Newbury. 1917. 2pp large sheet. ìDear Paine, I was on the point o writing to you to tell you of another little daughter that came on the 20thÖî Letter from Trinity College Dublin to His Royal Highness Prince of Wales (Albert). 2pp. Unwins, Thomas 91782-1857) English Painter and Illustrator, two letters, 3+ pages. From Athaenaeum to Pickersgill, asking for help in providing some work for a model, etc.

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