Item #4803 [Bradley, Will- Autograph Letter Signed] Will Bradley ALS to Frank Chouteau Brown. Will Bradley.

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[Bradley, Will- Autograph Letter Signed] Will Bradley ALS to Frank Chouteau Brown

Two pages on folded light green paper, April 28, 1901. Autograph Letter Signed to noted American architect, author, and printing designer, Frank Chouteau Brown, during the very period in which Will Bradley was withdrawing from work for a season owing to personal stresses and impending nervous breakdown, and the letter deals with Bradley's inability to take on work. Bradley writes to Chouteau "10 Kirkland Road, Cambridge, 1901. My Dear Sir: I have yours of the 22nd. I am very sorry that even with the extended time I can't possibly give you any material for your book. I found it necessary the first of this year to refrain from taking on any new work, even of the slightest nature as I am now spending longer hours at my drawings than I should, and even then I can't get through with the work I have in hand..." He goes on to explain how he'd like to take up a rest in the latter part of August, and in order to accomplish this, he must "keep everlastingly at it." He closes with a pleasant invitation to call, but he trusts "you won't urge me any further to give you a drawing. Yours Truly, Will Bradley." And below that, "To Frank C. Brown, Esq., Boston." Fine, folded twice. An interesting and personal Will Bradley letter, which rarely shows up in the marketplace nowadays.

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