[Bradley, Will H.] Original Printed Color Lithographed Poster for Narcoti-Cure, 1895. Will H. Bradley.

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[Bradley, Will H.] Original Printed Color Lithographed Poster for Narcoti-Cure, 1895

Striking and highly interpretive original printed color lithographed poster for Narcoti-Cure, 1895, by Will Bradley, depicting a jousting knight on horseback charging a devilish tobacco "demon" in the foreground. Printed by Narcoti Chemical Co., Springfield, Mass, 1895. Will H. Bradley 1868-11962), born in Boston, is widely considered one of the greatest American graphic artist and illustrator, known for his Art Nouveau stylized poster-like interpretations of figures. His posters for The Chap-Book, and other posters for journals and advertising in the late 1890's and early 1900's brought him widespread recognition and popularity. Bradley founded The Wayside Press in Springfield in 1895 and produced the now famous monthly periodical, "Bradley, His Book." Sight size 20" x 14," Frame 25" x 19 1/4" Signed "Bradley" in center. A wonderful and exceedingly scarce survival, the only copy we have ever seen for sale on the public market. Excellent condition, archival frame and mat.
Cited in Bamabace, P. 159. Provenance from the Ainsworth Gallery, Boston. From the property of the Boston Company, Inc., Asset Management.

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