[Walters, Curtis- Original Study Design for Binding] Original Maquette for Hamlet. Curtis Walters.

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[Walters, Curtis- Original Study Design for Binding] Original Maquette for Hamlet

This is the original mosaic pattern maquette for the Walter's magnificent and groundbreaking mosaic binding on Shakespeares, "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark," which was published in 1933. The intricate interlocking design, executed by Walters on a single sheet of light brown art paper(5 x 8 inches), has been impressed in, and then some areas have been colored in light red, light blue and darker blue. Walters has signed the piece at the top, "CW," and "Hamlet," and on the verso (which has a few pencil additions) is also inscribed at top, "Hamlet, 1938." The renowned American bookbinder, Curtis Walters, began bookbinding in about 1900, heavily influenced by George D. Smith, and late studied with Matthews, the Club Bindery, and Stikeman. He conceived his innovative mosaic binding techniques early on, but perfected them much later in his career. Many of his bindings appear in the famous Henry W. Poor Collection and Sale. Original studies for binding designs by famous bookbinders are vanishingly scarce. http://www.booktryst.com/2012/08/the-spectacular-mosaic-bindings-of.html?m=1.

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